House Rules and T&C's for your stay at WildDogRise



Terms and conditions – Deposits & Payments


Bookings are made on receipt of your full payment for the Accommodation and Bond.


Cancellation Policies,


     All cancellation made within 28 days of your Arrival Date incur a 100% Cancellation Fee.


     All cancellations made 60 or more days before your Arrival Date incur a 50% Cancellation Fee.


     A Change of Date Fee of $195 applies to Date Changes (made 61 days or more before your Arrival Date and can only be made for bookings dates within 6 months, and at the same price as your original booking or higher, and are subject to availability.)          


Refundable Damage Deposits Policy & Owners Special Terms


A refundable BOND of $1500 applies to whole house bookings.


The person making the booking usually asks each of the Guests to contribute equally to the bond and forwards them a copy of these Terms and Conditions.








INSPECT PROPERTY ON ARRIVAL - On arrival at The Property, Guests agree to inspect The Property and take photos of and report any existing damage immediately. Guest must also notify the Owner as soon as possible of any damage, breakages, theft and/or potential risk or liability caused or discovered during the stay. Failure to do so will render the Guest liable for all costs incurred by the Owner as a result of the Guests failure to report. Guests will NOT undertake or authorise any repairs to The Property.



ANIMALS/PETS –Guests agree NOT to bring any animals to the property. No dogs, cats or other pets or animals are allowed. If pets are brought to the property you agree to forfeit the bond in full.



HORSES - AGISTMENTHorses can be agisted at the property grounds during the Guest's stay, with prior written permission from owners. Fenced paddocks, a horse shelter, float access and dam are available.



SMOKING - Guests agree NOT to smoke inside the Property during their stay. If smoking takes place inside the building an additional cleaning and deodorising fee will apply and this will be deducted from the bond. Smoking is permitted outside provided all properly extinguished cigarette butts are placed in an appropriate rubbish bin. Additional cleaning fees apply if cigarette butts need to be picked up from the gardens by cleaning staff. Please close the doors and windows if you are smoking outside so the smoke does not enter the building.



CHILD SAFETY -The Guest agrees that various Items at the Property including toys, games and equipment will be checked by adult Guests to ensure they are age appropriate and safe for their child/ren to use. Children will only use these items under adult supervision. Items will be cleaned and returned to their original position. No responsibility lies with the Owner for the use of these Items.



RESPECTING PROPERTY –Guests agree to: comply with all House Rules, Planning Approvals and Local Government by-laws. Refrain from anti-social behaviour and abide by noise curfews. Not partake in any illegal activities during their stay. Treat furniture in the property respectfully and note that Furniture is not to be moved without owners permission. For their safety and to avoid unnecessary damage and loss of your bond, please ensure that children do not jump on the furniture. Any items removed from the property will be deducted from your bond. Upon booking this property you accept that your bond will be used for any repairs or replacement of any items that are damaged or removed during your stay.



MAINTAINING PROPERTY – Guests are required to maintain the Property in a safe, clean and hygienic state during the stay. No external fires are to be lit. If fires are lit, an appropriate cleaning and repair charge will be deducted from the Bond. No driving on lawn areas. An appropriate repair charge will be deducted from the Bond if lawns are damaged. When leaving the property guests are required to close & lock all windows and external doors and turn lights and heating off. At the end of your stay dishes must be cleaned and put away, and the dishwasher left empty. Please remove all rubbish from the bins and grounds and place it in the council bins at the front of the Property on Wild Dog Road. If you have excess rubbish, do NOT leave rubbish beside the bins on the road, but take it home or to the Mansfield Recovery Centre. The BBQ must be cleaned if it was used. You are NOT expected to make beds, clean the house, bathrooms or toilets.



FIREPIT - OPTIONAL EXTRA - If Guests have booked to use the fire pit during their stay, they must have written Permission from the owners. It is the Guest’s responsibility to check that it is not a fire ban day before lighting any fire in the open. Guests must extinguish the fire completely, using water, before going to bed. Guests must not leave the fire unattended at any time. Guests are solely responsible for keeping themselves and their children at a safe distance from the fire.



LIABILITY JOINT AND SEVERAL - The Guest/s are responsible for the Property during their stay. The Guest must not assign or part with possession of the Property or any part of it or grant any licence to occupy the whole or any part of the Property. The person making the booking does so as Licensee and as Principal Agent for all other Holiday Guests on the booking, and that Guest, as well as each Holiday Guest, accepts responsibility jointly and severally for any loss or damage caused during their stay, to the Property or Contents, at Wild Dog Rise, 146 Wild Dog Road, Merrijig, 3723, Victoria, Australia. It is the responsibility of the Guest making the booking to forward these Terms and Conditions to all other Holiday Guests on their booking.



MAXIMUM GUESTS - The maximum number of adults and children at each property is limited to the number shown in the Guest's Booking. Under no circumstances will the number of people occupying the Property be greater than that specified in the Online Booking Form. The onus is on the Guest to ensure that Guests do not exceed maximum numbers and all Guests are accommodated in habitable rooms. Under no circumstances are Guests to stay in tents, swags, caravans, campervans or any other form accommodation at the Property. The Owner reserves the right to refuse use of the Property to the Guest if the condition regarding the number of people intended to occupy the Property is not observed. Disturbance to neighbours, including excessive noise is prohibited and may result in the termination of the licence. If Guests breach the maximum number of Guests allowed at the Property, accommodate Guests in non-habitable areas or allow unregistered, non paying visitors to access the Property, then they will be directed to leave the Property and there will be no refund for any unused portion of the booking.



VISITORS - The property is for the enjoyment of paying guests only. As visitors to the property are not listed on the insurance cover they are not covered and therefore not permitted at the property.



FUNCTIONS/PARTIES - You may NOT hold any function/party to which you invite other Visitors without our consent. The intention behind this is that the property is for the enjoyment of the registered paying Guests only and to comply with insurance provisions and to protect the property from damage and undue wear and tear. To protect the Property, the total number of people at The Property at any time must not exceed 16 people at any one time.



EVENTS – SPECIAL EVENTS - WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – PRE WEDDING DRINKS. LOCATION FILMING – FASHION SHOOTS, ETC... If you have paid us an Event Fee, have provided us with copies of all relevant Council Event Permits and have our Written Permission To Hold An Event – the details of your allowable number of guests and the additional insurance requirements including your special terms and conditions will be outlined on the Written Permission To Hold An Event Form which will accompany your booking.



HUNTING - SHOOTING - TRAPPING – SPOTLIGHTING - It is illegal to hunt, shoot, spotlight or trap animals on this property. Any breaches will be reported to the authorities and police will be called so offenders can be prosecuted. Any illegal activities conducted at the property will result in immediate eviction and loss of Bond.



INSURANCE - Guests will not do, bring onto, keep, or permit anything on the Property which may invalidate or prejudice the conditions of any Insurance Policies relating to the Property, or cause Insurance Premiums payable to be increased. In the event of major damage that arises or is attributable to an act or omission by the Guest, Guests Visitors, or people associated with the Guest, the Owner may choose to claim on the Owners Insurance for any damage. If the Owner is successful in relation to recovering any money for such damage, then the Owner may require The Guest to pay any Insurance Excess and Additional Insurance Premium caused by the claim. The Insurance Excess and Additional Insurance Premium can be deducted from the Bond.



INDEMNITY - The Guest agrees to indemnify The Owner against any loss sustained by the Owner or any sum the Owner might at any time be liable to pay, as a result of any damage to the Property or any furniture or chattels belonging to the Owner or in relation to any claim made against the Owner, whether in relation to property damage or personal injury, or any other matter whatsoever, arising from any act or omission on the part of the Owner, Guest or anyone Visiting the Guest at the Property.



TRAVEL INSURANCE - The Guest is advised that all personal belongings, luggage, vehicles and other property of the Guest and their Visitors of any description whatsoever will be at the Property at the sole risk of the Guest or Visitor at all times. The Property Owner will not be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any personal property belonging to the Guest or Visitors. It is strongly recommended that Guests arrange travel insurance to cover theft, loss or damage of their personal items. Personal items accidentally left by the Guest at The Property will be kept for a maximum of 28 days and the Guest is responsible for arranging to have them returned and paying the costs associated with having these items returned to them; items will be disposed of after 28 days if their return has not been requested by the guest.



CHECK IN – CHECK OUT Guests may enter the property at/or after 4.00pm on the day of Arrival. Guests must leave the property by 10.00am on the day of Departure. A Late checkout fee applies. If cleaners are kept waiting after 10:00 am by late departing Guests, an additional Cleaners Fee will be deducted from the Bond to cover the cleaners waiting time. A fee of $50 per hour or part thereof will be deducted from the bond for each cleaner’s waiting time.



BOND RETURN - The Bond will be held and refunded via internet bank transfer into your credit card, or into your nominated bank account within 7 days after your departure, provided the Property is left in the same condition as it was at the time of your Arrival.



ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS - You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions, when you proceed and make a holiday booking at Wild Dog Rise.




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